What is the MODIS GUI?

The MODIS GUI was designed to ease plotting and manipulation of MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) data using Matlab.  Numerous IDL-based programs already exist, such as NOeSYS, SeaDAS and ENVI.  The objective of the MODIS GUI was to create similar capabilities using a GUI based on Matlab.  This would allow scientists that are more familiar with Matlab than IDL to manipulate the data more easily.

The code and documentation are copyright by Jasmine S. Nahorniak, Oregon State University.  The code is freely available for scientific use without software support.

The main features of the MODIS GUI include:

  • import level 2 and 3 MODIS HDF files (data, flags, and quality)

  • import subregions of MODIS data

  • choose the range of values to be plotted

  • map the data

  • zoom in or out

  • change figure colors/projections/labels

  • mask data

  • make histograms

  • make 2D plots

  • save data

  • save figures

In addition, data may be edited in the workspace and loaded into the GUI for mapping.  There is no batch processing capability at this time.


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MODIS GUI code and help documentation by Jasmine S. Nahorniak, Oregon State University.