In May 1999 a group of researchers gathered at the National Science Foundation headquarters to help identify potential critical biological issues that need to be addressed in order to improve our understanding of ocean carbon cycles.  This initiative was born from the recognition that we still do not have a good comprehension of the role that marine ecosystems play in atmospheric carbon sequestration and burial. 

The tasks of the committee were defined as to:

  1. Initiate a broad community debate on ecological issues relevant to the oceanic carbon cycle,

  2. Organize an intensive workshop in which identified critical issues are discussed,

  3. Generate a document reflecting the outcome of tasks 1 and 2, and

  4. Collaborate and coordinate activities with other similar initiatives, specifically with SOLAS (IGBP/SCOR proposed project) and OCTET.

Please take time to review the documents we have made available in this website and send us your comments.  This site has been designed primarily to keep the oceanographic community aware of our progress and to broaden the participation of this community.   Some of the issues we would like addressed by the community at large are:
a) Should we have a science program designed to address the next generation of Marine Carbon Cycle Research?
b) What are some of the major scientific issues that should be addressed by EDOCC during the workshop and in its final document?

All input received will be posted in our comments section to encourage open discussion.  Your comments may be made anonymously if desired.  We welcome your input!


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